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CIJS Certified

it360 is now Certified to provide IT services for Police and Law Enforcement The CJIS Security Policy sets minimum security requirements for any organization accessing the data, as well as guidelines to protect the transmission, storage, and creation of criminal justice information (CJI) such as fingerprints, identity history, case/incident history, etc. The CJIS standards include […]

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Blackmail – A Message from IT360 President Don Dawson

I have received my share of emails that try to blackmail me into paying a sum of money to keep my network safe or my “secrets” from getting out (examples below).   These emails usually include one of your current or previous passwords in the subject line to get your attention. They go on to explain […]

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What is the “Customer Experience”?

Basically, it’s any and every interaction that you have with your customers – directly and indirectly. It’s the phone conversations, emails, invoices, service department, sales department, parts department, is the parking lot clean, is there clutter everywhere, did you make them go “wow”, did you make them become the expert in your services or product […]

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Requested Information

Print PDF Listed below are sections with some examples of the type of information that we are requesting. Providing as much of this information as possible will allow us to not only make Onboarding a seamless process, but ensures that we have all the information needed to work side by side with vendors on your […]

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Thank You

Your form was successfully submitted. Thank you for your referral.

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Referral Rewards Club

At IT360, referrals drive our business.Chances are good that someone originally referred your company to us – we hope you appreciate them doing that. We certainly do! So, the next time you talk to a business that is unhappy with their technology supplier, tell them about IT360 – then let us know. At IT360 we […]

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Payment Portal

For your convenience, IT360 has provided a secure online credit card payment page. Please note that you will need to include your quote or invoice number(s) and an email address that will receive your transaction receipt. Payment Tip Do you have multiple payments to make with your credit card? Simply add all of your invoices together in order […]

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Returns Policy

IT360 Inc., and its affiliates provide a variety of information, internet, network, security, and technology related services (“Services”) and products (“Products”). IT360 has formulated this Refund and Return Policy (“RRP”) to ensure the appropriate understanding and compliance to merchantability, warranty, and IT360 RRP procedures by our customers, our customers’ customers, members or end-users, and any […]

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Considering a Change in IT Providers?

It’s not as difficult as you think… Have you outgrown your current provider? Are you just not receiving the attention or responsiveness that you once did? At IT360, we understand that switching IT providers can be a difficult proposition. You have entrusted your current provider with access to your most sensitive business information and you most likely would like […]

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We hired IT360 as our computer hardware and software computer consultants when the company first went into business. Since then, they have helped us purchase new software and hardware equipment that we have instituted into the law firm. Any time we needed them to be there they have been. They have solved all of our problems including: stand alone computers, networking issues, Internet access issues, and software. I would highly recommend IT360 to anybody who needs help in these areas.

Partner, Law Firm

Technology News

IT 360 News
2020 New Antivirus Software Solution

Late last year, a few incidents occurred that made us reevaluate how we are protecting our clients’ networks. The incidents – like many others – started with a malicious email that was opened by an employee.  In the past, this would have resulted in a network share or multiple network shares being encrypted that we […]

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IT360 News
Hybrid Security Operation Center Offers Increased Protection

Even as our world becomes more automated and driven by AI, there are times when human oversight is necessary to provide the highest level of security. A Security Operation Center (SOC) for your company is one of those situations! IT360 has partnered with Artic Wolf to offer SOC-as-a-Service that delivers the sophistication and surveillance needed […]

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