What To Expect

First Day

Contact us for any support issues, big or small!

Phone: Call (309) 282-3830 to submit a ticket

Email: Email support issues to service@IT360.biz

IT360 Service Portal: Login to the portal and submit a ticket: connect.it360.biz/support
*Please note the IT360 Service Portal login information will be sent out to all users the day before your start date and will include the different ways to create a ticket.

First Week

Prior to your start date, our Service Coordinator will schedule a time with you to send the Team Lead on-site that will be leading Onboarding for your company. Below are some of the things that we will be working on during the first week of Onboarding:

Third Week

Towards the end of your first 30 days with IT360, we will work with you to schedule your first technology review. We will gather feedback from you on your Onboarding experience, address any business needs, discuss upcoming projects, and more.


Listed below you will see some of the things that we do on an ongoing basis to help keep everything running as smooth as possible for your organization.

President, Manufacturing Company

We are high speed and wireless with computer systems for everything we do. I do not worry at all because it has not been an issue since IT360 became a part of our company.

President, Manufacturing Company

Technology News

IT360 News
Vaccine Research Companies are the Target of New Ransomware Attacks

The U.S. Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) warns financial organizations to be aware of campaigns actively targeting vaccine companies If you’re a ransomware gang and you want to maximize your ransom, who do you attack? An organization working feverishly to potentially make billions of dollars via a desperately needed vaccine, of course! Take […]

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IT360 News
[HEADS UP] Allowing Site Notifications Can be Very Costly

Krebs on Security reported that there have been an increasing number of websites asking visitors to approve ‘notifications’. In most cases these notifications are not malicious, but several firms are paying site owners to install notification scripts to sell to scammers. Normally, a website will ask permission to send notifications (as long as you approve […]

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