DESIGN. RUN. MONITOR. OPTIMIZE. At IT360, we believe in keeping things simple.

360TotalCare is our comprehensive, all-inclusive IT management service that will keep your computer systems up, your people productive and your business on track. And it’s all provided at one simple monthly fee.

What TotalCare Does for Your Business
  • UNLIMITED SUPPORT for all helpdesk and reactive services – with no additional labor cost for after hours, weekends or projects.
  • A month-to-month support contract. We will not offer sub-par support and then hide behind a 1, 3, or even 5-year contract. That model greatly benefits the IT provider. Instead, we must earn your business with every service ticket we work for you.
  • Custom remote monitoring agents, which provide system information at the hardware and software level, on all servers, network devices, and computers. These agents also provide alerts to our operations center and have the capability to perform self-healing tasks. We also use these monitoring tools to manage daily tasks and plan for the future needs of your organization.
  • A comprehensive disk-based solution with near real time backups – as often as every 15 minutes – that captures data as it changes. This backup offers an image of the entire system state, including operating system, user settings, applications and data. What sets this solution apart is that it includes a standby server which allows you to recover from server crashes or data loss in minutes, not hours or days.
  • All of your critical data is fully encrypted and backed up to our off-premise data vault. In the event that a disaster results in extended downtime or inaccessibility to your facility (such as fire or flood), your business may work directly from our vault – significantly reducing your risk and time to recover.
  • Anti-virus licensing for each server and computer and anti-spam service for each user email account. This approach will allow you to discontinue any future annual renewal costs associated with anti-virus and anti-spam solutions.
  • On-going technology reviews. This in-person meeting will provide performance metrics for the previous month and/or quarter. We take this time to discuss the business needs and the potential impact on technology for your organization. IT planning road maps and budgeting recommendations are provided as part of this review.

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