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Listed below are sections with some examples of the type of information that we are requesting. Providing as much of this information as possible will allow us to not only make Onboarding a seamless process, but ensures that we have all the information needed to work side by side with vendors on your behalf.

Click here to download our spreadsheet to input all the of requested information. This spreadsheet has five sheets, one for each section of information. If you already have your own documentation in place you can submit your current files.

Please do not send the requested information via email. Instead we ask, once you have gathered everything, that you upload this confidential information securely.

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Submit copies to the above secure link

Phone and internet bills, phone and internet contracts, copier contracts, support contracts for any line of business applications, contract for security camera company, etc.

Vendor Information

Submit copies to the above secure link

Email and website hosting information, licensing information for servers and Microsoft Office

Facility Information

Submit copies to the above secure link

Facility directory, emergency after-hours contact, site list, door access codes, company business hours, and floor plan if available.

Technology Information

Submit copies to the above secure link

Please feel free to send login credentials for the following devices if you have them; servers, firewall, router, copiers, security camera, etc. If you do not have that information, we will be happy to work directly with your incumbent to obtain those logins. It is not necessary to send passwords for employee workstations. 

Billing Details

Submit copies to the above secure link

Email address for invoices, email of additional contact to be copied on invoice, copy of your tax exempt letter if applicable. Click here to download a copy of IT360’s W-9.

Your technical support team has always been able to handle our needs quickly, efficiently, and patiently. We appreciate your timeliness and the hours you have saved us. It is great to know that we have people at IT360 capable to provide solutions to our problems.

President, Transportation Company

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