Ransomware Response: Trusted Results

If you’re facing a ransomware or extortion threat, the time to call IT360 is right now. Whether you choose to pay the ransom or not, specialized expertise is invaluable helping navigate a security crisis. Our team levels the playing field with experienced negotiators who aim to reduce ransom demands and manage the cryptocurrency transactions upon completed negotiation.

You need an experienced ransomware negotiator. IT360 can provide an expedient response to a ransomware attack by providing cyber extortion negotiation services and support recovery getting your company up and running with minimal disruption.

Get fast and effective help with a ransomware incident:


Our negotiation team aims to reduce demands and get your business operational as fast as possible

Incident Response

Strategic approach and insight into powerful risk mitigation techniques


Access to a team able to react efficiently, skillfully, and appropriately, which is key for remediation.

Public Relations

Support in development of the approach to disclose breach to relevant stakeholders and public.

Don’t Fall for a bad deal.

Everything you say or don’t say, the channels you use, and the timing and tone of your communications will all have a bearing on outcome. Structuring the deal, the money transfer, and the data recovery are critically important. The smart move is to leverage the expertise of our ransomware negotiators to safely handle the attacker.

This is not a project for your lawyers or CEO–you need to bring in expertise. IT360’s team of ransomware responders can handle all aspects of your case, including ransom negotiation & payment, recovery, threat hunting, coordination with insurers, and public relations.

Consulting you can trust.

This is not just a cyber security issue, it is a business issue.

We specialize in providing fast service so you can get back up and running quickly. We’ve helped companies significantly reduce ransom demands and get back to business.

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We are high speed and wireless with computer systems for everything we do. I do not worry at all because it has not been an issue since IT360 became a part of our company.

President, Manufacturing Company

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