Our business continued to grow in 2012. We gained the trust of several new business clients, which meant that it was necessary to continue hiring additional employees. We already occupied two suites on the second floor above the Illinois Antique Center, so the search was on to find office space that would work better for our needs.

In February, we learned that our 2011 InterBusiness Issues ad campaign won the ADDY Silver Award in the Consumer or Trade Publication category for a “Campaign/four-color.”

Later that month, we added the Service Desk Dispatcher position to our technical team, and Kelsey (Hayward) Solorio filled that new role. We felt that it was important to ensure we were staying on top of service requests while coordinating the day-to-day technical resource schedule.

In October, the Riverfront Museum and Caterpillar Visitors Center officially opened in downtown Peoria.

We looked at several new office spaces throughout the Warehouse District, North Peoria, East Peoria, and beyond. Ultimately, we decided that the former Crooked Waters/Roxy’s/Johnny’s Hideaway building (which sat across the street from our existing office space and had been sitting empty for almost 4 years) would become our next home. The remainder of 2012 was spent equipping that space.

In March of 2013, after several months of construction, we moved into our new office.

A little more than a month after moving in, our new building would be completely surrounded by water due to major flooding of the Illinois River. On April 23, 2013, the river crested at an all-time record of 29.35 feet. The flooding impacted many of our business neighbors along Water Street, and news crews came from across the country to document the devastation. Little did they know that our business, with our building now sitting in the middle of the Illinois River, was still operational and our business continuity plan worked as we expected.




In late May, Steve Tarter featured our location move in the business section of the Peoria Journal Star. There was much interest in what was now occupying the space that had sat empty for nearly four years.

We also held our first ever “Great Indoorsman Challenge” at the Bullpen Sports Bar at Landmark Recreational Center. Our employees teamed up in pairs and competed against one another in several indoor games. Their skills were challenged in bowling, bags/corn hole, darts, and shuffleboard. We enjoyed the team building event – which was eventually won by Tim Gazza & Dale True.













There were 13 employees (and their significant others) at our Christmas party that year. We held our celebration at New Amsterdam as a way to welcome the new restaurant to our Riverfront neighborhood.


Matt Machala

Vice President

IT360, Inc.

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