Our wives are now starting to believe that we are actually running a company, but we are sure they still have their doubts. We’ve been on the second floor of 311 SW Water St. for almost a year now and are becoming experts at foosball.

At some point in the year, I received the following email excerpt from Matt: “Me being part of an IT firm is never going to work… what do I need to do to open a .dat file?” So began his climb to the top of most support tickets in the history of the organization.

New clients and workloads are starting to pick up quickly.  Tim Gazza joins the team that year along with some support staff to help ease the load. Thankfully, it will be more than just Matt, me and our wives at the Christmas party this year.

New staff has allowed Matt and me to become more active in the community. The Young Professionals Organization, BNI, and The Rotary Club are just a few of the organizations we became involved with.

On the technical side, we are still supporting a lot of Windows 2000 and Windows 98 environments along with residential clients.  We worked on about 1,000 tickets through the year (for comparison, today we can do that in about two weeks).

We started with three clients at the beginning of 2006, and we now have 86 by the close of 2007. The momentum is there and are we only just getting started….

Don Dawson
IT360, Inc.

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