By 2010, we were starting to become a little more recognized in the community. In March, Healthy Cells magazine featured us as its cover story for our unique, proactive approach, and later that year we were asked to contribute to articles in the InterBusiness Issues.

In July, the Riverfront Museum and Caterpillar Visitors Center was ready to break ground and transform the former Sears block. Don and I installed a camera on the roof of our building and allowed viewers all over the world to capture a unique, birds-eye view of the progress. Every day at noon, a snapshot was taken and we later stitched those pictures together into a time-lapse video. If you’d like to look back on what the “block” looked like before or if you’re interested in the construction efforts, check out this video.

We decided it was time to replace our former remote monitoring and management tool with LabTech (a tool we still use for remote support today). This allowed us to be more responsive in the support of our client network and automate many simple processes that otherwise meant adding additional staffing.

In August, IT360 was selected by the Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity to help announce the newly formed Illinois Small Business Job Creation Tax Credit. This was a $2,500 credit for each new employee and available to businesses with 50 or fewer employees. It was geared towards helping the small business sector grow and provide some tax relief for employers.

At the end of our fifth year in business, we employed nine employees. There were no building moves this year, but we did finally purchase some actual business furniture to replace the original IKEA pieces that were starting to fall apart with all of the moves.

Matt Machala
Vice President
IT360, Inc.

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